Applying to Jobs is Effortless

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Sonara is the first-ever AI-powered job search automation platform that finds and applies to relevant job openings until you're hired.
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Manually applying for
jobs is tedious and time consuming

Our AI-powered tool solves this by combing through millions of jobs daily to uncover the most exciting job opportunities — and automatically applying on your behalf.

Job search
made easy

We get to know you

Our brief, one-time questionnaire provides us with insight into what you’re looking for.

We find jobs for you

Our AI identifies the top job opportunities on the market that are best suited for you.

We apply for you

We send out job applications on your behalf, while you watch the interview requests roll in.

Discover job opportunities
you wouldn’t have otherwise

Our AI-powered job search automation tool is designed to help you easily find your dream job, uncovering hidden opportunities you never knew existed.

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