Frequently Asked Questions

What type of job seeker can benefit from Sonara's services?

Sonara specializes in helping early to mid-career job seekers in the United States who rely on online job applications. Our platform is optimized for finding full-time positions in competitive fields, typically requiring a bachelor's degree. We cater to a variety of qualifications, from entry-level to C-suite roles. Sonara is best-suited for individuals who are open to expanding their job search and casting a wide net.

Why would I need to apply to up to 370 jobs in one month when I'm only looking for one job?

We are not career coaches, but if we were, we would suggest casting a wide net to increase the chances of receiving multiple interview offers from a broader range of positions. Recruiters receive hundreds, and sometimes thousands, of applications for a single role. That means hundreds, or thousands, of rejections. With Sonara, you can flip the script. Having more options to choose from, you will be able to reject interviews and find your perfect fit.

How does this work?

At Sonara, we've designed our platform to make your job search as easy and stress-free as possible. Our process begins with a brief survey to understand your needs, followed by submitting your resume. From there, our AI technology works tirelessly in the background to scour the web for relevant job opportunities. You'll have the option to review them ahead of time, and we'll handle the application process for you, so you can focus on preparing for interviews or other tasks.

Unlike other job platforms, we don't require additional materials like cover letters or retyped resumes. We strive to make progress every day, so you'll wake up to new opportunities and experience that moment of magic where you've made progress without doing anything. With Sonara, you can have a productive job search experience with minimal hassle, and always have progress happening even when you're not actively searching for jobs.

What does my payment cover? And why isn’t the platform free?

Our goal is to assist you, not job platforms or companies. When scrolling through any major job posting platform, you’ll often come across sponsored postings, ads, and other content that does not necessarily help you find the perfect job fit. By paying for our platform, you are supporting us in making continuous improvements to ensure that you can find the best job that money can (literally) buy. We charge for our service because it allows us to exist and maintain quality. However, we have kept our pricing affordable due to the innovative technology we have developed, making it as accessible as possible for you to benefit from our services.

What materials do I need ahead of time?

Your resume. That’s it! For tips on how to best optimize your resume, check out these resources from our friends at and

If a job posting requires a cover letter, how does Sonara handle that?

At Sonara, we use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to quickly generate customized cover letters and targeted questions based on an individual's experience and the job listing descriptions. However, it's important to note that cover letters are usually not required in most job postings. From what we know, they don't make much of a difference in the application process, and we've had a lot of success in helping job seekers get jobs without cover letters. We are also planning to roll out a feature that uses AI to generate cover letters, but we are currently working on a process that allows you to provide your own cover letter if you choose to do so. Stay tuned for updates! Rest assured, we have helped thousands of job seekers land interviews without cover letters and our AI-driven approach can still provide you with a competitive edge in your job search.

I just signed up and don't see any jobs applied for yet, what's going on?

Don't worry, starting tomorrow, your job applications will be sent out! Please note that we only send out applications on business days (excluding weekends) during times that have been proven to be most effective in getting responses from recruiters. Your 'job queue' shows the positions that will be automatically applied for tomorrow. This allows you time to review the jobs before they are applied for, giving you the option to swap out positions from the 'other jobs' section under your queue if desired, so you have control over the jobs you want to apply to. Once your applications are sent out, you should receive an email confirmation for each role.

Do I need to heart the job position to have the application sent out?

Nope! We proactively fill your job queue with the most relevant opportunities every day. You have until the end of the day to review them, and unless you remove a role from your job queue, we will automatically send out the applications for you in the background. This means you can be hands-off and let us handle the application process for you, giving you the freedom to choose how involved you want to be. <3

Can I apply for more than 15 jobs per day if I upgrade my subscription?

As of now, the limit for all subscriptions is set at 15 applications per day. However, we are actively exploring options to provide additional plans that offer higher limits, including the possibility of an unlimited application plan. We are working closely with our users to understand the best way to support their needs, such as through a "boost pack" or similar offerings. Please note that part of the reason for the current limit is to ensure quality and maintain the highest standards for our users. We have dedicated personnel overseeing the application process, including automated systems with human oversight, to ensure that the quality of applications is maintained.

What can I do if I've signed up and am seeing job listings that aren’t what I’m looking for?

While we work on providing you with a Best Practices Guide to really get the most out of your Sonara experience, we’d advise you to adjust your job title entries to be more specific. For example, instead of writing “Project Manager,” try using a title like “Engineering Project Manager.” As always, please reach out to us at, and we’d be happy to help you with this step and more!

How can I ensure that my current company doesn't receive my job application?

If there are specific companies you want us to avoid, please reach out to and we can assist you with that.

Is there a way to filter jobs based on salary expectations?

Our team is actively working on this feature, and we anticipate making it available in the near future. However, please note that while we strive to provide relevant job listings, many of them do not disclose salary information, even on their company website. The best we can do for now is estimate based on factors such as location, seniority, company, and job title.

Do you have a referral program?

Funny you should ask, we just launched one! When you refer a friend, they will receive 20% off their first month, and you'll receive $10 in cash as a thank you when they subscribe. Maybe you can use it to buy a new blazer for your first day on the job, or treat yourself to a seasonal latte. We can't make that decision for you.

Can I use Sonara to find remote jobs?

To find remote jobs, simply select the "include remote jobs" option in the location section of our questionnaire.

Is Sonara only for people in the USA?

At this time, we only support applying for jobs in the United States, but we're working hard to expand internationally soon!

What does Sonara mean?

It's actually quite simple. Sonar is a technology that relies on sound waves to detect and locate objects underwater, helping maritime warriors navigate uncertainty in their search for treasure. On the other hand, Sonara is a technology that uses advanced AI to detect and locate job opportunities above water, specifically designed to help job seekers navigate the uncertain and sometimes intimidating process of finding a job. However, if you're interested in a career in marine life, we'd be happy to help you find a job in that field too!

Is it possible to change the email address associated with my account for job applications?

Currently we don't offer the ability for YOU to change the email address associated with your account. However, our customer support team can help you make the change, so please reach out for assistance at!

How can I update my information such as address, employment, and resume?

You can easily update the information you provided in the onboarding questionnaire, including job type and location, by signing into your account and clicking on "Account Info" on the upper left side of your screen. If you need any assistance, feel free to reach out to

How do you use my data?

At Sonara, we take data privacy seriously. We never sell or share your data with third parties. In fact, one of the main reasons we charge for our service is to ensure the protection of your data. We only share your data when you have explicitly opted in, and only for the purpose of helping you find a job. Your data is used solely for your benefit and privacy is our top priority.

How do I cancel my account?

We believe in giving you the freedom to manage your account on your own terms. If you ever decide to cancel your subscription, you can easily do so by visiting the "Account Info" page and selecting the cancellation option at the bottom. Similarly, if you feel overwhelmed with interview opportunities and need some time to review them, you can pause your account. We also offer the flexibility to adjust your subscription plan to a lower tier if you need to make changes. Our goal is to provide you with simple and convenient account management options, so you can have full control over your Sonara experience.